Child Custody & Child support Sandusky, Port Clinton & Norwalk, OH

Child Custody and Child Support in Sandusky & Norwalk, OH

Fight for Your Rights as a Parent

Divorce is hard enough without children involved. When there are kids in the picture, everything gets even more complicated. Thankfully, Loretta Riddle Attorney at Law is here to help you through a custody battle in Sandusky and Norwalk, Ohio. Attorney Riddle will help you:

  • Determine which parent will have primary custody
  • Set up the visitation rights for the other parent
  • Determine any child support or alimony requirements

When you’re in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody fight, trust an empathetic family law attorney to help you through your situation. Contact Loretta Riddle Attorney at Law right away to get started planning your custody and support case.

Attorney Riddle will file paperwork and even go to court for you

Negotiating child support and custody is tough and emotionally fraught. That's why you need an objective family law attorney to help you through these difficult conversations. Call 419-722-1932 today to schedule your free consultation with Loretta Riddle Attorney at Law in Sandusky, Port Clinton and Norwalk, Ohio.